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No this is not a website about security or surveillance equipment.  This is our SWAT Parent's website.  We'll explain this "Under Surveillance".....

So let me ask you.......... have you ever heard your son or daughter shout out an expletive in frustrated anger over something?  Most parents would question where their precious child learned such language......... unfortunately, many times we know exactly where they absorbed the four letter word or the expletive..... us.


People often think of "influence" as only an active choice. Like "choosing" to peer pressure someone into certain behavior. But that's only a portion of the picture. We constantly "influence" those around us - for both good and ill - no matter what our intention.  Our children are watching everything we do.... what we say in phone conversations, how we treat others and what we say and what we do about our faith in God.  ln everything we do......our every behavior noted.... we as parents are Under Surveillance!


This might strike terror in our parental hearts - yet,  this truth can bring hope when applied to raising a devoted Christ-follower.


Our children receive passive "training" at our feet, just as you absorbed habits and attitudes from your parents during your formative years.   As parents, it is vital for us to be attentive to what we are modeling to and for our children.  We are modeling when we are at our family dinner table...... we are modeling when we're not at the family dinner table.  We are influencing our children through our personal Bible study, when we turn to prayer in times of frustrated crisis or when we turn to prayer in our daily life, when we use our time and resources to serve others.


When our children see the importance we place upon our faith life, that we make it a priority rather than a Sunday duty, we influence our sons and daughters to emulate us, almost like spiritual "osmosis."  


We're always Under Surveillance......... 




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Life has many choices.


Eternity has two choices.


What's yours?


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